Doctor Tested. Used in Hospitals.

Under $30 to build. Build your own.

Addressing the worldwide N95 equipment shortage
with an open-source, user-friendly, and scalable
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).

07/12 Update: BunnyPAPR wins UCSF COVID-19 Hackathon

BunnyPAPR won the Syntegra Grand Prize in the UCSF Medical COVID-19 hackathon.

See our winning submission and 5 minute video.


Thank you to the judges, UCSF, and prize sponsors.

bunnyPAPR™: A New Emergency PPE Option

bunnyPAPR™ is open-sourced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for practitioners, patients, and frontline workers who don’t have access to FDA-approved equipment.

Made with readily available components, the bunnyPAPR™ provides accessible, user-friendly, and affordable protection. Named for its dual outflow vents, bunnyPAPR™ features:

  • Positive Air Pressure (fan): Makes for a superior fit. Does not require a “perfect seal.” Immune to leaks.

  • Ubiquitous Filters: The same 99.99%+, FDA-approved viral filters used in hospitals.

  • Common Components: Viral filter; computer fan; USB power pack; plastic bag; 3D-printed parts (can be produced for you).

  • Full Coverage: Protects the entire head and face against airborne and splash risks.

  • Field Tested: Provides protection and comfort for 11+ hours.

  • Reusable, Disposable, and Easily Sterilized: No problems with disinfectants making shields opaque, creating holes in gear, or exposing workers to a harmful class of chemicals for extended periods of time.

Patent Pending.


Video Channel

Featured use video, Home Inspector David Astorina from Green Home Heroes.

More raw videos of bunnyPAPR in use. Some submitted by users. Others by the inventor.

During crisis rationing, one bunnyPAPR™
could replace 1,250 N95 masks.*

*Always consult with your infection control department.

A PPE Emergency

The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the U.S. alone needs 3.5 billion face masks per year during an epidemic. We only have only have 12 million. (CNBC, March 2020)

The bunnyPAPR offers infinite possibilities:

  • Rotate 3-4 filters for use and decontamination.

  • Plastic bags can be replaced frequently between at-risk patients and are disposable.

  • Other components can be easily decontaminated.

What if 1 life could be saved for only $30?

That's the production cost for just one bunnyPAPR™ unit for a high-risk nursing home or clinic in a developing country.

Doctor Invented & Hospital Approved

Invented by Dr. Guy Kuo, MD in response to the pandemic, the bunnyPAPR™. It is in use at a several medical centers in Seattle, WA, and undergoing testing at others.

Effective Protection & Extended Comfort

The bunnyPAPR™ has been tested against nebulized test aerosols (like the QLFT for N95) for proper isolation and worn for 11+ hours carrying out typical hospital procedures.

Simple & Secure Supply Chains

With free, open-source instructions and the ability to purchase components from almost anywhere, the bunnyPAPR™ is both accessible and affordable.

Nursing home deaths account for 1/3 of all U.S. COVID-19 fatalities.

We are dedicated to protecting such neglected populations.

Serving All Communities

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, major hospitals are running out of vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The situation is even worse at the oft-neglected healthcare “fringes”:

  • Inside the U.S.: Nursing homes; long-term care facilities; firefighting and EMT services; rural and community health centers; and dental offices.

  • Outside of the U.S.: Access to PPE has been chronically limited and even restricted. Now, in a pandemic, the dire and overwhelming impacts are more keenly felt.

In these challenging times, the bunnyPAPR™ team is proud to serve all communities, offering a supplemental PPE option for both the frontline and the fringe.