The bunnyPAPR is free for noncommercial use with 3D print and assembly instructions.

NOTE: is a group of people trying to scale, deploy, and popularize the design.
Bunny Science PAPR is the design, and Dr Kuo is the inventor.
Rough pricing (at scale) is below.

A few warnings

    • Though dozens of people have built their own, it's not always easy.

    • Typical build time is two days spread out over two weekends. Don't expect to build it in 2 hours.

      • One day to read the instructions and to order parts.

      • Then, wait to get parts.

      • Then one day to assemble.

    • It's not easy to get the parts. They mostly are not on Amazon.

    • In particular, the viral filters are hard to buy in small quantities, but you can find them on Ebay.

    • Do not make modifications unless you know what you are doing and thoroughly test it.

3D Printing


Recommended First Prints:

  • (EASY) Print and assemble a flutter valve. ~45 minute print time. (filename is bag_flutter_valve_deflector-free_r1.stl or a more recent version)

  • (HARD) Print the halo loop. ~3 hour print time. (filename is or a more recent version)

When you complete your first print, please post a picture on our Discord chat server to interact with other 3D printers or ask for help about 3D printing.

tip: Don't use PLA. Use PETG.